Kyle Olson’s debut novel, published April 26th, 2019!

Vagabonds: A world believes it doesn’t need its old gods. The world is wrong.

Contemporary Fantasy

Available at Amazon, $4.99 for eBook, $14.99 for paperback, or free if you have Kindle Unlimited. As well, you can read the first few chapters on Amazon absolutely free.

A modern world has little need for old myths and gods that have crumbled to dust. Or so it believes.

Time has not been kind to those forgotten gods, but some live on, hiding in plain sight.

Some have grown weary of hiding.

Sejit has rejoined the world, driven by a vow made to her mortal son to steer mankind away from the path of self-destruction. But, she must tread carefully. She may be a lion-goddess of war and the hunt, humanity—those reckless children—possess weapons capable of slaying the mightiest of gods. Should she be discovered, doubtless would they wield those terrible devices against her.

In her homeland, she labors to gather military and political might. Marshaling a fractured region, shaping it into an instrument able to bring her will to the world at large won’t be an easy task.

She is not the only powerful god left in the world. Others have their own agendas and ideas about how best to guide—or rule—mortals.

Alliances are forming as lesser deities choose their sides, given a reason to exist once more. The goddess Tess is Sejit’s closest ally, harboring a secret she intends to wield against her foes. Yet, that same secret may serve to be her own undoing.

Fangs are bared and claws unsheathed as the gods maneuver in the arena of mortals. Who, if anyone, will back down?

The world may just again tremble beneath the feet of giants.