Should the manuscript be scrapped?

When to scrap a bad manuscript? When can a bad manuscript be changed, saved? What to change? In writing my current WiP, working title “Vast Horizons,” I’ve come up against a problem I encountered twice when writing “Vagabonds.” I want to scrap the whole thing and start over. Which made me wonder, “How often do... Continue Reading →


Outlining can be a tricky thing. Some writers swear by nice, well-developed outlines that are essentially the entire narrative minus all the fluff and dialogue. Others are chaotic beings, regarding the outline as an entity existing solely to stifle creative flow. And, of course, all those in between. And maybe even further outside those two... Continue Reading →

Oh no, Writer’s Block.

Writer’s block. A phrase with many definitions, most of them centered around the inability to write. It also brings with it myriad questions, most of which are “How do I get rid of it?” Google that and you’ll get pages and pages and pages of results, each with their own spin or take. Anecdotes about... Continue Reading →

Setting Goals and Expectations

For once I’ll have a fairly short article. Which isn’t totally because I forgot to write something again and am desperate to give the appearance of semi-consistent updates. So. Something I’ve seen a lot in the writing chatrooms I’ve been in, on twitter, and in conversations with others is the topic of writing goals and... Continue Reading →

Keeping Action Interesting

Let’s talk scenes full of action and excitement. While I personally think I’m not good at action and fighting scenes, others have said they enjoyed them. So, maybe it’s just my usual habit of declaring everything I do shit. Like most of my dank blog posts, I’m more interested in getting the reader(s) to think... Continue Reading →

Internal Consistency

Internal consistency is a relatively straight-forward concept and sort of self-explaining: Your narrative’s internals are consistent. What are the internals? That’s a little more abstract, but most of us probably assume they’re all the bits that go into a world, all the background info and backdrop and setting and so on. They’re the foundation upon... Continue Reading →

Characters and Caricatures

Something I often see in my twitter feed are posts from other aspiring or novice authors about how to craft characters with depth and dimension, and as a tangent, how to write good dialogue. While the dialogue part can be considered a separate issue, for the most part, I do believe there’s a degree of... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Tags

When it comes to the mechanics of a novel, the thing that stands out most to me are the dialogue tags. In fact, when comparing books written by long-time "professional" authors and those new to the craft, the dialogue tags are probably where the greatest marks in improvement showcase themselves. "How could you?" She narrowed... Continue Reading →

Managing your writing like a project

So to preface, this may be a bit long and is going to be a brief look at the concepts of project management. Some might balk and ask why they should look at project management when it's just them, but, often, it's not and there's still benefit to be found. Even if you're half-way through... Continue Reading →

The Business of Writing

Now I should preface this by saying that my first novel has not been a success, even by my initial conservative estimates. I've sold less than 30 paid copies and couldn't even manage 40 free copies during a three-day promotion. This is in contrast to the posts I've seen where people regularly hit numbers of... Continue Reading →

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